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About Us

Daxa Corporation is a profit sharing company.

That mean Daxa Corporation share profits with all investors equaly.

When you buy shares you receive the guarantee to receive 200% ROI.

  • Open an account is free.
  • Buy shares.
  • Receive profits each month.


Find bellow some informations about our company.

Buy shares

Buy shares at 1$ per unit only!

200% ROI

When you buy shares you will receive 200% ROI guarantee. Each share expiring at 2$

Monthly dividend

We send dividend the 1st day of each month based on our profits made from all our business

Daxa Bonus

When you buy products/services on our network compatible with the Daxa bonus you can receive free deposit bonus equal to amount spend/invest

Low payout

Ask a withdraw from 1$ only

Many payments system

We have a lot of systems for deposit/withdraw

Why choose us?

Invest with Daxa Corporation it's the guarantee to invest in a real investment company with real proof.

We invest in many project in various industries.

The only thing who matter is the profitability of the business we can invest everywhere!

No fake investment

You can find at the bottom of this platform our list of business. No fake or ponzi here.

Only profitable business

We select carefully business where we invest for be sure to get the most fast and secure profit. We are sharing profits with you not loss.

Support 5/7

Our support team is ready to help you Monday/Friday.

Get a free deposit bonus!

When you purchase or deposit money in all business compatible revenue sharing from our network you can ask a bonus equal to the amount spended and purchase shares with this bonus who will generated profits each month until you reach 200% ROI. By this way double your spend!

We are building a strong social network.

We are working on several business in social network and video industries for get a share of this profitable business and share this profits with you!

Responsive platform.

Our platform is responsive you can use it on smartphone/tablet without any issue check your profits or made new investments from any device you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

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